Performance, quality and durability. These are the characteristics of our products.

TFL Italy designs and manufactures high quality sports car exhausts. We take care of every detail, from material selection to welding and finishing. We have all the latest equipment needed for 3D design and metalworking. We guarantee experience and professionalism, quality and durable products with excellent performance and design.


We have produced exhausts for luxury and exotic sports cars from the best automotive manufacturers in the world. We put over 30 years of design, engineering, and technological experience into the production of our products to ensure the improved sound and performance of the cars and the satisfaction of our customers.


By using high-grade materials and efficient welding and metalworking equipment, we can guarantee high quality standards at all times.

Passion leads to design ,
design leads to performance ,
performance leads to success!

Our exhausts

We design and manufacture sports car exhaust systems of various sizes and types, each designed for a specific vehicle and engine version. We have all the necessary tools at our disposal and complete every stage of production in-house. This allows us to follow the product from design to testing and to always guarantee optimum quality and outstanding performance.

Do you have a project for your car in mind?

Do you want to make your sports car more powerful? To achieve your goals you can select one of our sports car exhausts. Our solutions will not disappoint you.